The Matters Campaign presented by MCLS

A few years back, Kessler Sign Company had a handful of vacant billboards on their hands. Instead of leaving billboards blank, they used them to promote the arts in our community. It inspired the WHIZ video production team to create a video interpretation of that message. All the great things happening in Zanesville allowed the project to grow into a 12-part PSA series in which we highlight some of our best assets as a community. In addition to art, we will draw attention to the importance of local conservation, education, food, music, and more.

Michael Seiler couldn’t have said it better in the Art Matters spot, “This is an us thing, the whole city, and the whole county is a part of this. This is about making our entire community a better place.” Other local media companies have graciously donated their services to be a part of this effort, and the hope is that it trickles down to encourage individual involvement in these things that form the foundation of our local culture here in Muskingum County.