Season 10 Episode 2

Outdoor Show September 28th 2021


Tip Of The Week.

What is the best way to ruin any game? Better be thinking heat! Whether it is small game or large if the temperature is up you need to cool them down quickly. Take a cooler with ice in it and field dress it as soon as possible then you can use the ice to cool quickly. Get it home to dress it out or to a meat processer. Remember the 3 main things that will ruin your harvest is heat, dirt and moisture.


Recipe Of The Week.

Deer Stroganoff

1 ½ lb deer meat – cubed

1 packed onion soup mix

2 cups water

1 can Mushrooms – drained

1 cup sour cream


Brown deer meat add onion soup mix and water bring to a boil until thick. Add mushrooms and sour cream. If its not thick enough add cornstarch. Serve over noodle’s or rice.


Janeen Fell

Nashport, Ohio