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This week’s co-hosts are Dan & Shay, speaking to Lon from their respective home studios.  Shay said, “It feels good to be a new year. I think after 2020, it’s gonna be a good year period.”

Dan began by describing what he did after their tour was shut down in March: “I think the first 2-3 months, Shay & I didn’t see each other. Everybody was glued to the news.  Then we realized we had some time to fully focus on music on our own time. That’s how our single came to be.  We started it a while back, but all this extra time on our hands, with no pressure, we stumbled on some magic, and recorded it then and there.”

Shay added, “It was shocking, but we were so deep in tour planning, we didn’t know how serious it was. But for me, it was a weird time. Two weeks before our tour began, we had our youngest child, Ames. Now he’s about to turn 11 months. That’s how I’ve been able to measure the time.”

Hear more from Country Countdown USA Saturday morning at 9!