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This week’s co-host is the new CMA Entertainer of the Year Eric Church.  He told Lon, “It’s been a great week, I don’t know if it’s sunk in totally yet, but it’s been a lot of fun for me and the family.” It looked like you were surprised. “I was shocked.  Surprised is the wrong word. for me it was always just a trophy. But for the people who work so hard to make those shows happen, and the fans, that’s what it always mattered the most to me for.”

You said you were shocked, so who’s name were you expecting to hear? “I thought it was between Carrie & Luke Combs.  Carrie is someone who has been deserving of that award for years, and she’ll win it multiple times.  I thought it would go there.  I’ve said forever it won’t change anything I do. So for me, there’s nothing you can do, you’re just kind of along for the ride at that point in time.”

Lon asked if there was any point where he thought he might be the winner: “There was someone with the CMA who came over right before the commercial break, and she goes, ‘If you win, take the trophy with you.’  I was like OK, yeah right.  I got a better chance stealing it right now before you go live. Then she left. That was the first moment that I kinda thought maybe. Then I talked myself out of it.”

Hear more from Country Countdown USA Saturday morning at 9!