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Catch Country Countdown USA every Saturday morning at 9AM. Lon Helton has the biggest names in Country music in the co-host seat each week.

This week’s co-host is Kane Brown, and the main topic on his mind is his soon-to-be-born daughter.  Lon began the conversation there: “I’m pumped, I wish I could fast-forward time and make her be here already.”

Lon asked, Have you talked names yet? “Yes we have.  So many people are having babies now, so my wife is nervous that someone might pick the name, so we may announce it pretty soon.  We’re doing the K’s, so it will be KB3.”

Lon asked if he & his wife have begun to make preparations at home? “I think we’re gonna start working on a nursery. I don’t want it to be pink. I’m hoping for a tomboy. I can’t wait to dress her. She’s gonna be better dressed than me.”

Kane is on the road with Jason Aldean, who just became the father of a baby girl.  Lon asked if they’ve talked about babies yet: “Yeah he was like, there’s nothing like having a girl, they’re daddy’s girls, he made me excited to have a baby.  If I need a baby sitter, maybe I can drop her off at his house.”

Hear more from Country Countdown USA Saturday morning at 9!