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Hear more from Country Countdown USA Saturday morning at 9!

Lon’s co-host this week is Scotty McCreery.  His fifth album, Same Truck, is available Friday September 17: “If you told me ten years ago that I’d still be able to make music and be on my 5th album, I would have taken that deal in a heartbeat. We’re having so much fun right now.”

Of course it actually has been ten years since Scotty won American Idol.  Lon asked why things have fallen into place these last few years: “I could talk on this for a while! Starting off on such a high, it was crazy.  I was so young.  As I’ve gotten older, and experienced love and loss, I have lived that life and have those stories to tell.  I had to live life to learn that.”

Scotty was inspired to write his current hit from an experience with his wife: “This was a pre-pandemic song. My wife was a pediatric nurse. The way our scheduled lined up, when I was on the road, she was at home, and when I was off, she was at the hospital.  So I wanted more time with her.  Then the world stopped, and we got to see a whole lot of each other.”

Hear more from Country Countdown USA Saturday morning at 9!