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This week’s co-host is Thomas Rhett, Thomas & his wife Lauren just welcomed their 4th daughter, Lillie, in November.  Lon asked Thomas about the new baby: “When Lillie was born, minus the lack of sleep, not a whole lot has changed.  Our older kids are in such a rhythm, they all kind of help out, but man I love it.  After four, I’m like how bad could it be to have six?  But we’re definitely gonna take a small break from trying to have babies right now.”

A couple weeks ago, Thomas made a surprise announcement that his next album would not be “Country Again Side B,” but rather a completely different project called “Where We Started.” Thomas told Lon what happened: “We went and played 5 shows at Billy Bob’s, and I was like, ‘dang, people have not forgotten how to party.’ So I decided to go back in the studio after that.  Then I thought it might be cool to release something different in between Country Again Side A & B, and this record ‘Where We Started’ was the product of that.” That album will be released on April 1st.

Thomas also recently got the news that his song “Country Again” was nominated for a Best Country Song Grammy.  “It would be huge.  Just the way the song was birthed, I was sitting in this chair when I wrote that song. It was like pages from a journal. When we put it out, the feedback was so remarkable.  When I saw that song was nominated for a Grammy, I was like, that’s unbelievable.  To take that home would be one of the coolest moments in my career.  But we’ll see.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.”

Hear more from Country Countdown USA Saturday morning at 9!