Official Contest rules for The WHIZ Media Group

The following rules have been placed in use at the WHIZ Media Group to try insuring fairness in all contests aired on said stations:

  • Must be 18 years or older to win selected contest that meet one or both of the following conditions
  • Contest with prizes values greater than $100.00
  • Contest with prizes involving legal adult consent
  • Employees of WHIZ Media Group, contest judges and participating sponsors are not eligible to enter and/or win
  • Means of entries will be determined by the WHIZ Media Group and could included any or all of the following
  • Telephone
  • Fax Machine
  • In-Store Sign-up
  • Mail
  • Internet
  • Prizes that are not delivered to the winner via the mail must be picked up with in 30 days of winning
  • Unclaimed prizes will be returned to the WHIZ Media Group, who will dispose of then as management deems appropriate
  • Winners must wait Thirty (30) days before they are eligible to win the same contest. Members of the same household are also ineligible for contest for the next 14 days. Household includes, but is not limited to the same mailing Address or PO box.
  • If a contestant wins 2 different contest within a 30 day period, that contestant is then ineligible for ANY WHIZ radio contest for the next 60 days from the day of the 2nd win
  • All previous contest winners, including those who fall under item 6, are eligible for the birthday contest
  • The winner assumes all financial responsibility of the prizes, including tax, titles and other costs involved.
  • WHIZ Media Group is released of all legal obligations associated with the prizes upon declaring a contest winner.
  • Prizes are non-transferable
  • The judges decision is final
  • Failure of the winner to follow these rules will result in forfeit of the prizes.
  • The rules may change at anytime without notice For further information about the WHIZ Media group contest policies, contact the law firm of Graham and Graham.