The Muskingum Valley Garden Society Held Their Annual Garden Symposium

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ZANESVILLE, OH – The Muskingum Valley Garden Society celebrated 20 years of beautification services in our community.

The Muskingum Valley Garden Society held their annual Garden Symposium on March 18th. About 125 people went to learn about all things outdoors like landscape design, gardens, native planting, wildlife and more. The event consisted of speakers, silent auctions, and local artists displaying their art around the symposium.

“The Garden Society is responsible for the beautification around our community. We do the downtown planters and the Y-Bridge. We have 184 planters downtown and around the Y-Bridge. It takes a lot of volunteer work to take care of all of that.” Beth Brown, the President of The Muskingum Valley Garden Society stated.

The annual symposium is a great way to educate the community and to respect everybody that has helped the Garden Society. The Garden Society would love to have new members join, to do so you can visit their website at the bottom of the page.

“My favorite part of being in the Gardens Society is the people that we work with. For 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with our volunteers. Through those 20 years you make a lot of connections and form a lot of deep friendships.” Brown said.

To learn more about the Muskingum Valley Garden Society, visit the link below.

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