Nightbirde’s Album Finally Released

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – It’s been over a year since Zanesville’s famous musical artist Nightbirde passed from cancer but her wish to release an album has been fulfilled thanks to efforts from her family and friends. Nightbirde Foundation Executive Director and older brother Mitch Marczewski talked about his sister Jane’s wish to share her passion for music with others around the world.

“One of the beautiful things I think for Jane was… even in her last days, she was about ready to pass away, she kept on talking about how she was going to release an album next year,” Mitch said. “She was going to release an album. She was talking about it, talking about it. So it’s a really beautiful thing that we were able to put together an album to honor her and also to help people in the process.”

The album, titled ‘It’s Ok,’ will be released Friday, March 10th and a physical copy can be ordered on or downloaded and saved through several major streaming platforms.

“The album itself is broken into sort of two sides, the A side and the B side,” Mitch said. “The front half of the album is more her poppy, upbeat, sort of the Jane we knew and we saw on America’s Got Talent. And then the other side of the album are more stripped back, lower key, versions of their songs. And really, what we believe, it’s a beautiful picture of who Jane was. You have this beautiful, bubbly personality and then you have the sadness and the sorrow and the cancer. And what we think is that Jane was able to really walk in both of those paths.”

Proceeds from the album’s sales will go to the Nightbirde Foundation that helps young women who are dealing with breast cancer. Donations can be handled through

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