Drew Lincicome Is Setting A New Standard At Philo

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Philo, OH-

If you haven’t made it down to Philo High School to watch some of the wrestling matches, you may want to find your way down here. Drew Lincicome of the wrestling team just accomplished something that this school has never seen. 

Drew became Philo High School’s first ever district champion. He now has a 49-1 record in his wrestling career. This incredible journey to the top started in the Village of Philo at the high school, right here on these practice mats, where he and his coach are trying to establish a great wrestling program. 

“We challenge ourselves at practice. We push each other really hard so that when we get to tournament time, we succeed,” senior wrestler Drew Lincicome stated. 

To achieve that success, Drew told us how he has become a leader for his team mates. 

“I hold them accountable, if I see somebody slacking off, I’m like, hey, we got rules, we got stuff we want to achieve, let’s do it.” 

Whether that starts in the weight room during strength training or guiding teammates in practice, there is always one common theme that Drew told us they follow. 

“And maximum effort, that’s just back to the whole pushing each other thing, we got to give it all we got and then some.”

But this group is different. 

“We’re a family you know, the wrestling team, the football team, everybody at Philo, we’re just one big family working towards common goals,” Lincicome said. 

Drew’s coach has noticed the impact his championship has meant.

“I think it means alot to the community to see a program that has been in a little bit of a lull, and start to break out of its shell and start to accomplish a lot of really special things,” Philo wrestling coach Evan Loughman said. 

He started coaching when Drew was a freshman and over the years, he told us about the leadership role Lincicome has taken.

“Drew just stepped right into that role, it’s natural you know. He’s leading through stretches, like he says, he’s holding those kids accountable. It’s every single day, he leads both vocally and especially by example. He’s always got his head down and grinding, he’s just a really special kid to be around.” 

The high school has many trophies but none like what Drew just brought home. Now, he will compete at state for a chance to once again do something Philo has never seen.