Local Couple Celebrates 70 Years of Marriage

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ZANESVILLE, OH – A local couple is celebrating 70 years of marriage together.

Ernie and Nancy Boggs are living proof that true love can stand the test of time.

Ernie and Nancy grew up together from a young age. Now, at the ages of 91 and 86, the Zanesville pair are celebrating 70 years together. The lovebirds have faced many challenges throughout their life, but never left each other’s side.

“We grew up in a time where you didn’t throw things out because they were broken, you fixed them. We fixed our marriage lots of times.” Nancy Boggs said.

“We’re just happy together. Now, after 70 years.” Ernie Boggs said.

After being blessed with six more bellies to fill and 70 years of life together, the couple’s advice for happily ever after is to never let your praying knees get indolent.

“I really think that’s the thing that saved our marriage was God. Because we turned our life over to God, and he’s leading us and directing us. And he’s just marvelous.” Nancy Boggs stated.

Mr. and Mrs. Boggs have shown us that some people really do spend their whole lives together.