ZAAP March Artist of the Month

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ZANESVILLE, OH – The March ZAAP Artist of the Month is out of this world.

Jennifer Johnstonbaker is a retired minister but still preaches twice a month. When she’s not preaching, she’s sitting in a pew listening to a sermon, and that’s when her imagination and creativity comes to life. A lot of the time, Johnstonbaker starts her art by sketching it on a church bulletin, and then later she recreates it as futuristic oil painting or collage. Her art series represents the future of our planet, her inhabitants, and outer space.

“Human beings are so wonderfully creative. We are. And we’re inspired. I believe that what I would call the Universal Creator is the one that is the inspiration for all of that.” ZAAP Artist of the Month, Jennifer Johnstonbaker said.

Johnstonbaker’s love for painting started when she was just four years old. Her passion continues to shine on and with her creativity, the stars are the limit.

“Well at this point I’m fulfilling what my purpose is. I have had a lot of different purposes, and what seems to be the current one is to paint what I see.” Johnstonbaker stated.

You can view or purchase Johnstonbaker’s artwork this Friday during the First Friday Art Walk from 5-8pm.