The Ohio Department of Higher Education and Muskingum University Discuss Teaching Apprenticeship Program

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Muskingum University partnered up with the Ohio Department of Higher Education to discuss the establishment of an apprenticeship program.

Teachers are very important individuals in society as they have the role of a leader and are the backbones of our community public schools. Unfortunately, there’s been a national shortage of teachers. Muskingum University and the Ohio Department of High Education hosted their first meeting discussing how they can have teachers added to the apprenticeship program in Ohio.

“This is not replacing traditional educator preparation programs. It is actually an additional pathway. Especially for those people that would not be able to pursue a teaching program because of the financial cost. This is an opportunity to make money while you’re learning.” The Department of Higher Education Associate Vice Chancellor, Krista Maxson said.

One of the challenges for teaching is the cost of high education. With the teacher apprenticeship program, there’s ways to reduce time and reduce cost while giving the students more experience working with kids.

“We take advantage of the CCP Program, College Credit Plus. In high school, students can take their first year of college for free. The other thing we’ll be talking about is the community college partnerships, because taking that second year of community college reduces that price tag significantly.” Tim Slekar, the Muskingum University Director of Education Preparation Programs stated.

To help support this program, Slekar encourages you to call your local representatives to see how we can bring the teacher apprenticeship program to our community.