Zane State Receives New Forensic Equipment

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Zane State College is well known for its Criminal Justice and Peace Officer training programs that provide training that meets Ohio code requirements for peace officers. 

The College recently installed new equipment in its Investigation Lab that will enhance safety and streamline instruction.

Criminal Justice Program and Peace Officer Training Academy Director Dr. John Gibson described the equipment and explained how students benefit from it. 

“We have a downflow station, which really helps with when our students are using fingerprint powder. Our second piece of equipment is a cyanoacrylate chamber, which allows them to work with superglue. And then the third piece is we have a ductless fume hood so that really helps us, helps our students when they’re using certain chemicals, to keep them safe. Prior to this we had to all wear respirators when we used it. So it really has helped again with our experiential learning,” Gibson said.

The powders and chemicals are best not to be inhaled and by safer handling of the substances, a stronger emphasis can be put on education. The college also intends to expand their Criminal Justice lab to provide a better educational experience.

“Some of our students who come to us besides law enforcement, corrections, private security and the courts, they have career aspirations into more of the forensics side of the house,” Gibson said. “So working in a crime lab. So with the addition of our three pieces of equipment back here, that really helps prepare them to go to work in a crime lab. So they’re using the exact same equipment that they would be using in the real world. So in terms of experiential learning that is really second to none.”

Zane State offers an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and a 9-month, 736-hour, state certified, Peace Officer training for cadets.

Matthew Morris
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