Overcoming Adversity: Chase Townsend

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We’re introducing you to the first of a series of stories highlighting individuals in our community who are overcoming adversity in their every day lives.

Chase Townsend, a senior wrestler at Lakewood High School is tough, real tough. He’s a fighter both on the wrestling mat and off.

“ I started off wrestling as just a motivation tool for high school. And I started falling in love with wrestling and the dedication was there,” said Townsend.

His story is unique. Townsend lost his biological parents and for two years has lived with his aunt and uncle.

“Main thing is my mom’s passing and my dad’s passing (is what) really pushed me forward. Me thinking about them also pushed me and knowing that they definitely had my back through all that knowing they’re in a different place right now. I like where they’re at right now and don’t like to see them struggle and have drug induced in their bodies.”

If that wasn’t enough for the teen to take on. It was just three years ago that he started to feel ill. Then came the Leukemia diagnosis. In November, some good news. The announcement made at a wrestling match. He’s now cancer free.

“I felt like I was alive again. I was so happy because it was a struggle through all that. My #1 wish was beating leukemia and I did it!”

In the maintenance phase of treatment, he’s undergoing another round of chemo. Throughout his battle he’s had support from the entire Lakewood Community, as they sold wristbands and t-shirts with the hashtag Chase Strong.

“It was a long road, but I made it,” said Townsend.

Townsend now has plans to wrestle in the Air Force one day becoming an IT Specialist.