Archives of the People Volumes Two and Three Are Now Available

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ZANESVILLE, OH – Volumes two and three of the Archives of the People booklet have been released.

You can receive your copy of The Archives of the People booklet to learn about the black history of Zanesville. The booklet is presented by the Minority Business Resource Network as they wanted to document the history of black men and women. The Network feels it is important for the Black community to understand and learn about their ancestor’s legacy they left in Zanesville.

“If you don’t know where you came from, you don’t know where you’re going. We want kids to know where they came from so that they can make goals and move forward with their lives too.” Minority Business Resource Network Member, Flora Martin said.

The booklets are free of charge. To get your book full of history, contact one of the Minority Business Resource Network members by going to their Facebook page.

“It’s just interesting to learn about all the things that people have done and are doing. There’s people who are gone, and people who are still living who are in here which makes it like a living history also.” Martin stated.

To receive your book or for more information, visit the link below.

(1) Minority Business Resource Network | Zanesville OH | Facebook