Virginia And Irish Ridge Project Open For Bids

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Zanesville, OH- There was a bid opening at the County Commissioner’s Office today for Virginia and Irish Ridge in Philo. 

This is for a water project south of Zanesville. There were three bids that ranged from $122,000 to $131,000. This was the first step in this project.  

“Today’s bid was an opening for the brass that is needed for the project because right now, because of supply chain issues, anything that is a brass product that we use within the water line has a long lead time to it. Some things are 8-9 months in terms of getting them delivered to the site,” Water Department manager, Don Madden, said. 

The bids have been moved to advisement and depending on how long the supplies take, they will then revisit the bids. Brass is a fairly common fitting for water lines.There is hope they can get started soon. 

“This is a new project. It will be providing water basically from the western boundary which would be route 555, and the eastern boundary would be the Muskingum River. Basically, areas predominantly south of the village of Philo,” stated Madden.

If you want to keep up with what is going on at the County Commissioner’s Office, you can visit their website