Chasing Kareem: Tracking LeBron James’ pursuit of NBA record


A look at LeBron James’ pursuit of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the NBA’s scoring record. Abdul-Jabbar has held the record since April 5, 1984:

Abdul-Jabbar points: 38,387.

James points: 38,352.

Difference: 35 points.

James’ latest game: He scored 25 points Saturday night in the Los Angeles Lakers’ 131-126 loss at New Orleans.

James’ scoring average this season: 30.0.

Potential record-breaker: At his current rate of 30.0 points per game, with 36 points needed to pass Abdul-Jabbar, it would take James two more games to become the NBA’s scoring leader. Assuming he does not miss any games in the interim, he would be on pace to break the record Thursday night at home against Milwaukee.

Next Lakers game: Home Tuesday night against Oklahoma City.


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