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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Ohio Job and Family Services has a youth outreach program that aids income eligible families overcome barriers to success. Muskingum County Jobs and Family Services Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Outreach Manager Heidi Rowland explained the program and how it goes beyond anything offered in the past.

“CCMEP is a program directed toward youth, ages 16-to-24, who have experienced some sort of a hardship. We work really closely with the youth and self sufficiency is the end goal for that,” Rowland said.

Job and Family Services has strategically networked with other key agencies and organizations within the community to provide the basic services that their clients are struggling to overcome. CCMEP takes a common sense approach to building the youth by focusing on their clients biggest barriers such as hunger, shelter, transportation and pregnancy, as well as education and literacy.

“One of the most popular parts of CCMEP is a paid work program that we offer,” Rowland said. “You can make $13-dollars-an-hour, 20-hours-a-week, for up to 10 weeks, and this is like a work-study program. That does not go against… if your household is already receiving food stamps, or if you are, it does not count against that. This is an unsubsidized program.”

The program offers incentive based strategies that encourage and promote positive outcomes to each individual at their own pace. For more information about what Muskingum County Job and Family Services can provide you can call (740) 455 4464 or visit their Facebook page.

Matthew Morris
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