OUZ Participates in MLKJ Day of Service

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Martin Luther King Jr. inspired many Americans through his leadership and service to others. Ohio University Zanesville Student Resource Coordinator Rebekah Gaus explained how the MLKJ Day of Service inspired her to participate in an upcoming produce market.

“So I have a connection with Jamie Trout at Eastside because of something else we’re doing on campus,” Gaus said. “And so I contacted her and I was trying to see if there was anything around her facilities that I could help with potentially and she mentioned that it would be awesome if I could help with collecting hygiene items to benefit their produce drive that they are going to be having.”

The free produce market happens every month at the First Baptist Church in South Zanesville and will be offering hygiene products along with the food at 9 a.m. this Friday, January 27th. Gaus says she needs help from the public in gathering enough hygiene essentials. 

“We have nine different hygiene items that we’re trying to collect right now, and they are: toothpaste, denture cream, shampoo, conditioner deodorant, body wash, razors and body lotion, and toothbrushes if I didn’t say that. And they come best if they are individually wrapped because for sorting them out to put them into bags for different families that we’re going to be giving them to,” Gaus said.

Donated items can be dropped off at the OUZ campus in the Student Services office in Elson Hall, anytime until 5:30 p.m. Thursday, January 26th. 

For more information you can email your questions to SRCZanesville@ohio.edu.

Matthew Morris
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