Darrell’s Donuts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Local News

SOUTH ZANESVILLE, OH- For 45 years, Darrell’s Donuts was a staple on the Maysville avenue and the business made a move in July to a new location.

Owner of Darrell’s Donuts Jessica Everson said that their is new space on Shaw Rd that offers nice views through large windows allowing for a more bright and colorful donut shop and plenty of space to work.

“There’s more space in here. There’s a nice view from the window on the hill and we have a lot of people excited about the new location. I make a lot of the icing and cream-fillings is what I mostly do and work the night shift, making the donuts. So the new machine we have here, the buttermilk and the cake donuts are a lot of fun.”

Everson also said that one of the best parts of her job is the people and that’s what makes Darrell’s special.

“I think we just have a close-knit family working here, all of the employees whether if their family or not we’re just like family. We care and we make sure that we’re making good donuts for everybody.”

If you’d like to sink your teeth into one of Darrell’s Donuts you can find them at 2355 Shaw road.