State High Patrol Explains the Importance of the Move Over Law

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ZANESVILLE, OH – In 2022, troopers issued approximately 3,000 citations for violation of the Move Over Law. 50 of those were issued in Muskingum County.

The Move Over Law has been around since 1999 and is in all 50 states. The law is designed to protect the lives of those who works on or uses the roadways. The Move Over Law requires drivers to move over one lane while passing by any vehicle with flashing lights parked to the side of the road.

“When our officers are stopped with someone along the road, we ask that they move over if the left lane is open, and they can safely move over. If that lane is not open, we ask that people at least slow down to a reasonable speed as they pass. Be cautious, our officers might be outside of their car.” Ohio State Highway Patrol Zanesville, Sgt. Jeffery Jirles said.

If a state trooper stops you for failure to move over and cites you into the county court system, there is a fine for $150.
This law is important for the safety of our first responders and other road workers. When you see responders on the roadway, slow down & move over to protect those who work to protect you and those who work on the roadways.

“Our interstate 70 construction project, we have a lot of construction workers working there every day. So it might not be directly related to move over or slow down, but slow down for those folks and the reduced speed.” Sgt. Jirles stated.

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