It Happens Here Event Coming to Raise Awareness on Human Trafficking

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ZANESVILLE, OH – An event to raise human trafficking awareness will be taking place next Thursday at the Muskingum County Library.

The event is called It Happens Here and will be held January 26th from 5 to 7pm. This event is to raise awareness on a problem that happens here as well as all over the United States.

One of the main reasons Ohio is popular for trafficking is because of our highway system. You can get in and out of the state very quickly making it easier for traffickers. The It Happens Here event is to help bring education to the public on what human trafficking actually is, and that it’s happening around southeastern Ohio.

“It could be your next door neighbor, it could be the kids that you go to school with. It could be anyone that you encounter within an agency or someone that’s coming to get help from you. It could be a wide variety of people. So, we’re teaching you what to look for and what to do in case you do spot it.” Mid-East Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition Director, Janet Long stated.

Some signs of trafficking is behavior changes, especially when it comes to children and youth. If you notice they’re online and they’ve withdrawn or they’ve changed their behavior completely, that could possibly mean they’re in a grooming process.

If you do encounter something that seems a suspicious, call your local law enforcement.

“Also they can call me, and I can help them through that as well. My cell phone is (740) 586-5861, and we can go from there.” Long said.

For more information on the It Happens Here event, visit the link below.

It Happens Here – The Muskingum County Library System (