Big Brothers Big Sisters: National Mentoring Month

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- A local organization is bringing attention to the need for children to have guidance in navigating the stresses of school, expectations and parents.

January is National Mentoring Month. The Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Zanesville Katie Mainini says that since Covid-19 the need to mentor children has become even more important.

“Mentoring for kids is very important, especially this day in age. Big Brothers Big Sisters here locally as well as a more national level has seen an increase in need for our program. So, more kids facing challenges and hardships across socioeconomic populations and it’s not just you’re at risk kids anymore it’s that every kid is in need of a positive role model.”

Mainini also said that throughout the month of January, the organization has been drawing attention to the need for mentors through a social media campaign.

“I think that’s really important because mentors give their time and so we have put together a whole entire social media effort for this moth of January to share some stories, how mentors have affectively impacted our littles enrolled in programs, how they form these positive relationships and how they really are the most critical part of our programs here at Big Brothers Big Sisters. If we did not have mentors, we would not have programs.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters is always looking for more mentors so if anyone is interested, you can always visit their website at and you can find them on social media.