The Water Department Talked to Commissioners About New Equipment

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ZANESVILLE, OH – The water department is in need of upgrading various pieces of equipment.

Water Department Manager, Don Madden, talked to commissioners about new equipment to upgrade the fleet within the water department. Madden said the water department is in need of a GPS unit and a couple of pickup trucks.

“We’ve added a new employee. So, we need one new truck for that individual. Then we had an older truck that simply is at the end of its useful life. We’re simply trying to stay up with the needs of the department.” Projects Director and Water Department Manager, Don Madden stated.

The pickup trucks help with basic maintenance like water line breaks or installing new meters. As the water department continues to expand, more milage is put on the trucks.

“Part of the reason for asking about advertising for these now, the lead time on being able to get a vehicle can be extensive. It may be a situation, depending upon what’s available from a dealership, we could be maybe six months waiting on getting a truck.” Madden said.

The bid for the trucks will be publicly advertised. Any dealer that would like to respond to the bid is more than welcome.