Muskingum County Community Foundation Announces 2023 Richard O. Johnson Award

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Zanesville, OH-

Local North Valley Bank CEO, Jim Nicholson, will receive the Muskingum County Community Foundation 2023 Richard O. Johnson Civic Leadership Award.

Nicholson is a big part of Muskingum County after moving here in 1990. He is active with the Zanesville-Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce and the Muskingum Family Y. This award means a lot to him. 

“Certainly humbled and honored to be receiving the Dick Johnson Civic Leadership Award. You know, being in the leadership role in community banking at a local bank really presents opportunities to be involved in the community and to support the community,” said Jim Nicholson. 

He will be receiving the award on January 27th at the MCCF Groundhog Day Celebration at Zane State College Campus Center. He also has an interesting connection to the award. 

“I have a connection with Dick Johnson. When I came to town in 1990, Dick was part of the board of directors that brought me to town. So I witnessed very early on Dick’s philanthropy and supported everything that was going on to advance the community,” stated Jim Nicholson.   

The award was established in 2000 by MCCF to honor an individual “who exhibits exceptional civil leadership in Muskingum County,” per MCCF Press Release. If you want tickets to the Groundhog Day Celebration, visit the website below.