The Port Authority Plans For 2023

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ZANESVILLE, OH – The Zanesville Muskingum County Port Authority discussed future plans for 2023.

Executive Director, Matt Abbott said The Port Authority plans to kick off their Business Retention and Expansion program in 2023. They will be meeting with companies in the community to identify possible gaps that are prevalent with some companies and to discuss grants or loans that could benefit them. In addition to that, a lot of infrastructure projects are lined up that will benefit the community and businesses.

“Attraction is one of our other goals. So, we’ll continue our marketing strategy for 2023 in hopes to land new companies that might be looking for a location and project what we have to offer here in the community.” Port Authority Executive Director, Matt Abbott said.

For 2023, The Port Authority is currently working on speculative building development to increase their footprint to have available land and sites for companies that are looking to purchase land.

“Having a building and facility to house companies that are looking to maybe locate, or looking to grow and expand, and having a building ready to go will be critical for us. So, we’ll continue to work with that program with the private sector to hopefully spur some of that development.” Abbott stated.

Abbott says he plans for 2023 in hopes of another successful year.