Former Bishop Rosecrans High School Friends Reconnect After 40 Years!

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Zanesville, OH-

Two former students of Bishop Rosecrans High School reconnect after forty years!

Kathy Ritchey and MJ Lewis lost touch over the years but found each other in a unique way, by walking. Turns out they were in the same Facebook group, Start Today, which is a part of the Today Show. They were even called to New York to be interviewed on The Today Show to discuss how this all took place. The group means more than just walking for them. 

“The other beneficial thing, we are an instant support group together. We’re in the same big giant Facebook group that is very supportive. You have all these like minded individuals wanting to do the same thing. Everybody encourages everybody, even to go take a step, take a couple steps, go around your kitchen table” MJ Lewis stated. 

They live on opposite sides of Columbus, but that does not stop them from meeting up and walking once a week. Both Kathy and MJ said the walks help with their fitness goals and the two can catch up with each other. This all started from a simple Facebook message from Ritchey to Lewis.

“MJ often says it wasn’t necessarily like her to reach out, like I did. It wasn’t necessarily for me either. Even if somebody feels uncomfortable, you know, I don’t know her or will she respond to take the risk? Whether that’s through the Start Today group or through a neighbor. Just reach out and ask, “Hey, do you want to walk together?” said Kathy Ritchey.

They both have no plans to stop walking. If you want to learn more about the Start Today page, just search “Start Today” on Facebook.