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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Red Cross frequently holds blood drive events at multiple locations across our viewing area because the need is always there.

Red Cross Regional Communications Manager Don Hawkins discussed the donation process and how the needs of hospitals are filled by the generosity of donors.

“The blood we collect is often used, not just in life saving situations but in emergency situations,” Hawkins said. “We send blood to the hospitals all around the area for folks that are coming in from a car accident, from who knows what brought them into the emergency room but our blood is the one, in the bags that is going into them to help them survive.”

Anyone who wishes to donate blood can call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit to learn when and where a blood drive event will be happening in their area and set an appointment.

“So whenever you go to sign up, you’ll be prompted to put in some medical history, just to basically get the ball rolling, so you don’t have to do all of that whenever you show up for your appointment. We also offer the Rapid Pass setup system, where if you sign up for that you can put all of your medical history in and that shortens the time you’re going to put at the blood drive by about 15-20 minutes. A good number of folks we see coming through consistently do the Rapid Pass,” Hawkins said.

Blood donation usually decreases during the holidays and the Christmas storm system that pushed through dropped amounts even lower. So for the month of January, the Red Cross will offer a chance to win Superbowl tickets to anyone who will donate blood.

Matthew Morris
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