Dog of the Week: Meet Knox

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- This Weeks Dog of the Week is someone who gets along with everyone but is unsure about being with cats. Knox is a 2 year old Terrier Mix who rides very well in the car, is neutered and is full of spontaneous energy.  

K9 Adoption Center Volunteer Doug McQuaid discussed more about Knox and why being active outside is important for dogs.

“He would do great with a family that’s active, he would be a dog that you would want to take for a walk every day you know. Routine for a dog is very important, they realize that every day and maybe at a certain time they’re going to go for a walk and they depend on things like that. It makes there demeaner so much better, it’s easier sometimes to control a dog once they know they’re going for a walk and do things and be active and it’s hard on a dog to be confined and I realize that the weather is a major factor to that.”

McQuaid also discussed about dog licenses and why it’s important for your dog to get a dog license.    

“It’s so helpful to have a dog with a license, especially if it would happen to be loose. We’re able to pick it up, get the dog back to you, there’s no fines you know we’re not going to arrest you or anything in that nature it’s just an easy way to get the dog. The most important thing is to get a dog back to their owner, we realize that things happen, dogs do get loose and we deal with that every day, seven days a week.”

You can get a dog license at the Auditor’s Office located at 401 Main St in Zanesville or look up the other locations on their website at The other locations have a limited time giving dog licenses before the end of January but you can still get a dog license at the Auditor’s Office. If you want to adopt Knox or any other dog, you can visit their website at