BBBSZ Executive Director Appointed to serve as President of the Ohio organization

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- As the new year begins, Big Brothers Big Sisters is making big changes to their association at the state level, that starts with the appointing of the Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters Muskingum County Chapter, Katie Mainini to serve as the President of the Ohio State Association for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Mainini says she’s honored to be chosen for the role and hopes that she can make a big difference.

“I think it’s an honor, it’s a huge opportunity, it’s a leadership position within something that I already do, it’s my day-to-day epic Big Brothers Big Sisters it’s just something in addition to that. I will lead the meetings, I will help with implementing some statewide initiatives for Big Brothers Big Sisters who are affiliated nationally within our state so we have some really exciting things coming.”

Mainini also spoke on her future goals for Big Brothers Big Sisters in the coming months.

“Well first and for most, is just to lead and to have a positive influence across the state for our enrolled children. So, what we’re kind of doing right now is that we have an Executive Committee that meets every other month and we talk some different initiatives and we have some committees that also meet in addition to the executive committee and we just talk about how we can better serve the kids.”

Mainini says she’ll serve as long as they need her and she’s looking forward to the opportunity to network with directors across the state, work with more kids and make a big impact.