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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – With all of the attention surrounding the professional football player being resuscitated during a primetime football game, the focus has shifted away from the game to the lifesaving capabilities of the medics in attendance. Red Cross Regional Communications Manager Don Hawkins explained the physical failure that necessitates the need for CPR to be performed.

“This can happen to anyone at anytime and we mostly see it in adults but it’s not exclusive to adults,” Hawkins said. “And if you don’t act fast when this happens, it can lead to very traumatic situations. That’s why speed training, CPR, and being trained on how to use an AED: Automated Electronic Defibrillator is very important. It helps your ability to save the lives around you if that does happen.”

CPR consists of chest compressions and rescue breaths that provide oxygen to a victim who is unable to breathe and quick action can be the difference between life and death. The Red Cross offers classes to the public that teach CPR and First Aid in person and online.

“What we advise is going to,” Hawkins said. “You’ll find online and in-person classes listed there. We’re updating our regional stuff as well right now. That way you can take an online class, if that’s all you have access to and get the basics and get everything you need to do. We do like to offer the in-person as well, where you’ll get hands-on experience with a dummy and be shown the best way.”

CPR trainings are offered by the Red Cross to not only save lives but to prevent the helpless feeling when someone close needs assistance.

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