Sight-In-Day at Deerassic

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CAMBRIDGE, OH – Monday one of the most popular deer hunting seasons begins. November 28th is the first day for gun hunting season.

To get hunters ready for the season, Deerassic Park in Cambridge held a Sight-In-Day.

Sight-In-Day allows hunters of all ages to use the rage at Deerassic to sight in their guns. The range is open for all legal firearms for deer hunting here in Ohio.

“My favorite part is just seeing all the hunters out and actually getting a chance to be in the outdoors and stuff like that.” AJ Burga, Deerassic Maintenance and Grounds Supervisor stated.

This is an annual event for Deerassic and has been going on for approximately seven years. It’s a fun and free event, with free range time, free food, and free targets. This year they’ve had around 40 participants.

“Our big goal here at Deerassic is to get the youth involved with the outdoors, so this allows the parents to enjoy the outdoors with the youth and it’s just a fun thing.” Burga said.

To kick off the first week of gun hunting season, Deerassic will also be hosting a Hunters Brunch this week from Monday through Friday. The free meal is from 10 am-1 pm for all hunters with a valid hunting license.

For more information, visit the link below.

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