Barricade Situation on Coopermill Road

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Around 2 p.m. Sunday, November 27th, the Muskingum Country Sheriff’s Office got a report of a house fire on Coopermill Road.

According to Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz, once firefighters arrived on scene, the owner of the home would not allow firemen into the home to extinguish the fire and threatened the fire department.

Sheriff Lutz said the man then went back into the home and proceeded to barricade the door. The fire department couldn’t get in so the sheriff’s office was then called to the scene.

“We got officers here, was unsure about weapons in the house.” Sheriff Lutz said. “The individual has made some comments, I’m not sure what all those comments were, but they weren’t very friendly comments to the fire department.” Lutz said.

As the fire died out, Sheriff Lutz was able to get the homeowners sister and a good friend to talk to him along with negotiators and was able to get the homeowner to open the back door and come out.

“After two hours we were able to get him out safely. He’ll be taken up to the hospital to be evaluated and checked out mentally and physically.” Lutz stated.

After checking the house, the fire department found a hot spot inside and extinguished it. Nobody was arrested and there are no charges filed at this time.