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ZANESVILLE, Oh – The holiday season has officially begun, with Black Friday bargains galore.

And while online shopping has become a preferred way to shop for many, there were still plenty headed out to retailers across the area, including those within Colony Square Mall.

With everything from clothes and home goods marked down considerably for the day, or even days or weeks, there were plenty of deals to be found within the mall.

Those out shopping Friday were able to browse the countless sales going on for the start of the holiday season, and many actually preferred physically getting out to do their gift buying over doing it digitally, some even sharing in the fun with family and friends.

“I like to keep the traditional alive and bring the girls out and get the actual feel of, this is their first experience with Black Friday, so I wanted them to experience the little bit of chaos and finding the deals,” Dixie Glazer and her nieces Julliana and Jojo Phoundus told us.

I like to see and feel and touch the things that I am purchasing. I do order some things online, but for the most part, this Christmas period, I love to come out and shop,” shopper Karen Whitner told us.

I thought I would actually come out and check out the deals myself and you know, doing online shopping, you don’t actually get to see how it looks or if it fits or if you have the right size.” Black Friday Shopper Barb said.

Shoppers were able to shop retailers like JCPenney, TJMaxx, Bath and Body Works, and more, and there were even local vendors set up throughout the mall with various gifts for purchase.

Despite being one of the largest shopping days of the year, shoppers say the experience was great and crowds were actually not too bad, there were even a few friendly elves making the rounds, and double checking Santa’s list as they awaited his arrival!

It’s been wonderful! We’ve seen so many good boys and girls,” Silver the Elf said.

“It’s been pretty fun. We got some good deals and they picked out some stuff that they like and we found some goodies for the family,” Glazer and her nieces said.

“Our balloon choir was a good time,” Ruby the Elf told us.

“There’s not a lot of people out here, but I’m finding things I’ve been looking for and the experience has been fine,” Barb said.

If you missed the elves today, they’ll be back at Colony Square Mall on December 17th with plenty of holiday fun like face painting. Santa will also be at the mall through Christmas Eve, hours can be found at:

And if you’re headed out to do your holiday shopping, even past Black Friday, experts recommend creating a spending cap, comparing prices between stores, and checking your credit for extra discounts and offers you may have for happy shopping and a happy holiday season.

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