Primrose Resident, Richard Troup, Writes A Story

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ZANESVILLE, oh- A very talented resident is moving through the halls of the Primrose Retirement Community in Zanesville.

Richard Troup is a former teacher who has called Primrose home for about a year. In that time he became inspired to write the book, “Max the Bunny with the Backwards Ear” in dedication to his grandchildren.

“It’s based on a true story when my granddaughter was five years old, she won a bunny at an Easter contest. And so she loved the little bunny and named it Max and slept with it every night. But one morning when she got up, she found her bunny had lost its ear,” Troup said. “So, she took it crying to my daughter, who said she would fix it, but my daughter is not an experienced sewer, and she sewed the bunny’s ear on backwards..” Troup stated.

Troup explains why he wanted to write the story.

“Maybe everybody is unique and special in their own way and that they do belong and are special.” Troup said.

Troup’s story, “Max, the Bunny with the Backwards Ear” can be purchased on Amazon. As for the bunny…. Troup says his granddaughter still has the cherished possession with her at Ohio State.