Wilds celebrates birth of white rhino calf

Local News

Cumberland, OH –The Wilds’ southern white rhinoceros herd has grown with the exciting arrival of a newborn calf!

The male calf was born during the early morning hours of Thursday, November 17, 2022, to mother, Kali. The Animal Management team notes that Kali and her little one are both doing well. The calf, who is currently unnamed, is nursing alongside his mother and appears to be strong and spunky. The Animal Management team regularly observes him hopping in front of Kali on his “mushroom”-like feet (that he’ll soon grow into), all the while trying to get his patient mother’s attention with playful headbutts as she rests between nursing sessions. Kali and her calf will continue to bond in a maternity stall located in the facility’s large rhino barn and then begin introductions with other members of the herd in the next few weeks.

Kali, who was born at The Wilds in 2013, is an experienced mom. This little one is Kali’s second calf and the eighth calf that father, Kengele, has sired. Kengele was born at the San Diego Safari Park in 1998 and has been living at The Wilds since 2012.

The conservation center is notable for many reasons, mainly because it is the only facility outside of Africa with rhinos born five generations removed from their wild-born ancestors. This most recent calf is the 29th white rhino born at The Wilds throughout its history. This most recent calf now marks the ninth fifth-generation calf born at the facility, which is a testament to the success of The Wilds’ rhino program.