Animal Shelter Society Presents Zemba Brothers with ‘Paw’-sitive Partner Award

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ZANESVILLE, Oh – The Animal Shelter Society is grateful for all the community support they receive throughout the year for the shelter and their mission.

And this week they gave thanks to Zemba Brothers and their longtime partnership with the shelter.

Animal shelter society executive director April Cohagen-Gibson presented the company with the “Paw”sitive partner award this morning in recognition of all they have done and continue to do for all the animals at the shelter.

Started back in February, the award is a way for the shelter to recognize those who’ve stepped up and truly made a positive impact on the Animal Shelter Society and been a crucial part of helping keep the non-profit’s doors open for the over 100 animals in their care.

“When someone says, you know, ‘We believe in what you do, you know, you’re out there helping the homeless, the abandoned, and the abused animals of Muskingum County, here, let us help you,’ That means they believe in what we’re doing and we’re doing the right thing. It’s not an easy thing to do, but we do what we believe is right, and that’s what’s very important, being here at Zemba Companies today to thank them for everything. Because we could not do it without folks like the Zembas,” Cohagen-Gibson said.

Recently, the Zemba company even had a ‘soup-off’ to raise money for the shelter through donations for lunch, selling cups of soup at their gas station and even setting up a donation box out front.

All the funds raised that day were presented to Cohagen-Gibson, along with a basket of treats and goodies for all the furry friends at the shelter, which Zemba says they are proud to provide their continued support to.

“We believe supporting the animal shelter is a way to give back to the community. Our community’s been so generous to us and so good to us that we try to help whenever we can. April and I go back to the Rotary days where we met, and so, her being behind this honestly gives me the confidence in this program and what she does that I know any donation we do is going to a good cause,” Zemba Companies Vice President Shala Zemba said.

If you would like to learn more about supporting the animal shelter society or view all the animals available for adoption, visit

For more information about the Zemba Companies and all they do, you can visit their website:

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