Jaycees Host C Day

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ZANESVILLE, Oh – The Zanesville Jaycees group geared up to help the community by accepting donations to distribute.

The annual Canister Day, also known as C Day, is a day members of the Jaycees group dedicate to collecting items to donate to the salvation army.

Every C Day, members of the group will go out to local homes and pick up donations to drop off at the Salvation Army, making it easier and more convenient for the folks who may not be able to provide their own transportation.
All you have to do is give the Jaycees club a call and they’ll be on their way to pick up your items.
Donations include collectable items such as clothing, furniture, tools, and even nonperishable food items.

“This year so far, you know we are an hour and a half in, we’ve been to probably over twenty homes. I know of at least four different truck loads that’s been dropped off to Salvation Army. And I’ve got three different crews out right now that are running, still collecting items.” Mike Walton, Jaycees President elect said.

This annual event has been a tradition for over 50 years and is one of the longest traditions the Jaycees group has.
C Day usually takes place the Saturday before Thanksgiving from 9 AM to 12 PM. Considering the Salvation Army is low on items around this time of year, the Jaycee group wants to help replenish as much as they can.
They had a great turn out this year and hope to have even more callers and donations next year.
For more information about the Zanesville Jaycee’s club, you can visit their website below.

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