Council Approves Addendum to City Workers Contract

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Zanesville City Council passed an addendum to the labor contracts between the city and its employees. Zanesville Mayor Don Mason discussed how the addendum will benefit the city by attracting experienced workers looking to join the city’s workforce. 

“What the city has found in the last several years is our ability to attract people laterally in,” Mason said. “There’s other police officers or firefighters from other communities to come to our town and go to work for us. What we have found is that our pay ranges were relatively low in comparison.”

The addendum eliminates longevity pay and increases the hourly rates to help balance the discrepancy in pay.

“So longevity pay starts at two percent based on which union contract, after say five years of service, and then it moves its way on up to six percent max. But we’re trying to attract somebody who has 10 to 12 years of experience on another force, they would not get any of that. So therefore they would be paid hypothetically six percent less than a firefighter or police officer who is as experienced with the city of Zanesville,” Mason said.

The labor unions agreed with the changes in the new proposal that will affect approximately 290 city workers. The present contracts are effective through 2024.

Matthew Morris
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