Spain coach Luis Enrique to stream during World Cup in Qatar


MADRID (AP) — Spain coach Luis Enrique will be doing some live streaming to interact with fans between games at the World Cup.

The coach announced that he has “become a streamer” and will update supporters on the Spain team is doing in Qatar.

“Streamers of the world, move aside. I’m going downhill and without breaks,” he said on a video posted on his Twitter account.

He said he wants to establish a connection with fans “without filters” in a way that is more “spontaneous and natural.”

“The idea is to establish a direct connection with you, the fans who may be interested in information about the national team from the perspective of my particular point of view,” he said.

Young Spain defender Hugo Guillamón said it’s a way for the coach “to get closer to the fans.”

“They will enjoy it and support him,” he said Tuesday.


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