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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County K-9 Adoption Center is an agency that provides a service to the public as well as to the dogs they receive. The facility is near capacity and has an abundance of dogs that have been housebroken, vaccinated, fixed and are ready for a more stable foster home or adoption. 

K-9 Adoption Center Volunteer Doug McQuaid showcased one of those dogs today and offered advice to pet owners for how to handle the falling temperatures.  

“Today we’re happy to introduce you to Bindi,” McQuaid said. “She’s a female, already spayed, 2-years-old, Basset-Hound terrier mix. She’s very friendly with everybody, dog friendly as well, cats unknown; housebroke even too. She rides very well in the car and would just be great with an active family, maybe someone that had a fenced in backyard because she loves to run and play. Loves dog treats, just seems to be very affectionate and would just make any family a fabulous dog.”

Another service that the K-9 Adoption Center provides is practical pet care advice. Little tips and tricks owners can provide for their pets to keep them happy and safe.

“With the weather coming around the bend, especially the extreme cold, what most people don’t realize is that our pets will actually require more food and water. And with that we understand that water freezes very quickly and so forth but what you don’t understand is within a 24 hour period, an animal can become dehydrated. Please check the water to make sure that it’s not freezing over,” McQuaid said.

If you would like to meet Bindi or any of the dogs in the facility you can visit the K-9 Adoption Center open Monday through Friday between 11 and 5, and Saturday from 11 to 4, at 1854 East Pike.

Matthew Morris
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