Muskingum County to be Awarded Disaster Relief Funding

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Ohio has a State Disaster Relief Program that can be implemented to aid localities financially after they have been affected by severe weather.

Governor Mike Dewine recently authorized the use of the program that will release funds for damage accrued from a weather event that occurred between May 6, and May 8, earlier this year in Muskingum County.

Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency Director Jeff Jadwin discussed the program and the need for it.

“We had put in to the state for some assistance and you know we’re six months later we’re just now getting notification that we will be getting some type of relief,” Jadwin said. “And it will be, the state will contact each of the individual entities that filed claims and decide what each entity is going to get.”

No details or amounts have been given as to how the assistance will be allocated but local governments will be on the list so they can recoup the losses that were unexpectedly withdrawn from their general budget. 

“They can’t take some of these big hits, you know we have a three or four day event where they’ve got people out around the clock, their budgets just won’t handle that kind of impact,” Jadwin said. “Especially right now with the price of fuel. Fuel is killing everybody’s budget, eating up what we don’t have to start with.”

Weather events can cause a wide variety of damage and Jadwin recommends that public officials who recognize weather damages submit the preliminary information so that any assistance that might be available can be received.

Matthew Morris
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