Model Train Event in Zanesville

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- Railroad tracks and trains have been a huge part of history in our Country for years since it was the first step of advancing transportation, and the Zane Trace National Trail Model Railroad Club wanted to show people their amazing miniature replicas of different train tracks, buildings and even trains that are based off of real locations in Ohio.   

President of the Zane Trace National Trail Model Railroad Club Brian Harrier discussed about what the most rewarding part is making these miniature trails and trains.  

“The most rewarding part is getting everything together, getting a final piece together, and then when we do the open houses and letting everybody else come and see it.”

Harrier also spoke about why this event is important to the younger generation.

“It’s important for younger kids to see that there are other hobbies besides video games and being on their phones. Everybody needs a hobby so we like to share it and we hope to get some interest with younger generations.”

All in all, this event was both entertaining for kids while also getting them out of their comfort zone of their phones and learning about the amazing history of trains and why they were important in revolutionizing transportation.