Zanesville Farmers Market moves indoors

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- The Zanesville Farmers Market has moved to Weasel Boy for the fall season where you can buy fresh foods from fruits to vegetables and other locally made products.

Owner of MayApple Farm Rick Felumlee was selling fresh mushrooms that are grown out at his farm in Dresden. He said that the Indoor Farmers Market is unique from other farmer markets because they have a good selection of vendors.  

“I think it’s the variety of vendors, they have a really good selection of vendors. You can get produce, you can get fresh meats, you can get locally roasted coffee and baked goods. It’s also I think the partnership with the local business, just here being a weasel boy, people like to support the local vendors and they like to support the local businesses.”

Felumlee also spoke about what makes the Zanesville Farmers Market important to the community.

“I think it give the local small businesses here, the vendors, an opportunity to sell their product and connect with the local customers. It gets fresh local produce into the hands of the customers, it’s obviously healthier and better for the economy to buy your produce locally and it’s just in general community support.”

The Zanesville Indoor Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday until December 18th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Weasel Boy Brewing.