Veterans Day Parade in Zanesville

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- It’s always important to remember our Veterans for risking their lives to protect our Country and freedoms and values. And the Zanesville community did just that with their annual Veterans Day Parade.

The Veterans Day Parade is a way to honor Veterans while also having some fun with friends and families through seeing the different fire trucks to hearing amazing music from the marching band to seeing the twenty-one-gun salute done by Veterans. President of the Muskingum County Veterans Council Eddie Grimes told us how it felt being a part of an event that honors Veterans.   

“It’s awesome to be involved, just a lot of great Veterans in our area, some who gave all and some are still serving. So, it’s a great honor to just to be involved in it.”

A lot of people were at the Parade and were excited to see all of the cool cars, trucks, motorcycles and got free candy too. One Zanesville citizen who is a Special Education Teacher for Zanesville City Schools Shannon Tavler was at the parade and spoke about what her favorite part about the parade was.  

“I like how this parade supports and thanks our Veterans for everything that they’ve done for us and for our Country. My Grandfather, Paul Male, was a Veteran that fought in the Korean War.”

The Veterans Day Parade was a great way for families and friends to be together and make fun memories while also remembering those who fought for our Country and who fought for freedom.