Local Artists Show their Creative Pieces at the Welcome Center

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OH- Art is a way for people to get creative and show their emotions through their paintings or artwork, and this year, local artists got to show their amazing work at their annual Holiday Artfest where people could see their work and even buy some of their art pieces at the Welcome Center.

Local Artist Stephanie Orr spoke about what kind art pieces she has made over the years.   

“I feel like I’ve definitely tried a lot of different things to see what I was mostly interested in. I’ve done wood burning, glass, drawings, paintings, but clearly clay was something that I was specifically drawn to.”

Orr also spoke about what inspired her to become an artist and why art is important when comes to history.

“This is something that I’ve always done since I was a child. I was very much encouraged by my Mom and Dad with me and my sister and we both are very into art still and that’s something that they really helped us start with. As much of the history we have written down in books, what you see is how we feel, so to be able to look back on how people were feeling at that moment isn’t just something written down, it’s something that you can express and be able to visually see.”

This event was an amazing way to recognize local artists who express their feelings and emotions through these beautiful works of art that will inspire future artists for years to come.