Sawyer Named K-9 Adoption Center Dog of the Week

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Dogs are creatures that seek companionship whether it be from humans or roaming around with other dogs. Muskingum County works to keep strays rounded up to prevent them from packing together and becoming a menace.

Muskingum County K-9 Adoption Center Volunteer Doug McQuaid works with dogs that are brought in and is often surprised by how well trained they can be. McQuaid stops by every Tuesday to show-off the dog of the week.

“Today I’d love to introduce you to Sawyer, a terrier mix, 1-year-old, approximately about 72 pounds, up-to-date on all vaccinations and is neutered, seems to be dog friendly and cats unknown. He rides very well in the car and is manageably able to be walked,” McQuaid said.

Sawyer is a big pup with plenty of energy but loves affection and is very pleasant to be around.

Inflation has affected life in many ways and household budgets are being slashed just to survive. The K-9 Adoption Center is also feeling the effects from becoming filled to capacity as well as running leaner on food and straw. 

“We’re here to help you,” McQuaid said. “We know things are going to get tighter as time goes on and we’re going to actually, you know, we’re going to have a straw drive to basically help if your dog has to be outside. We’ll have straw available for you. Like I say we’re trying to help out as much as we can with the dog food. We’re currently full, so we’re not taking owner-surrenders at this present time but if you stop by or give us a call, a lot of times there’s rescues that possibly we can give you phone numbers that you can contact.”

The K-9 Adoption Center is asking local businesses who have received dog food that cannot be sold due to damaged packaging or the like to donate it because they can put it to use. If you would like to meet Sawyer, volunteer, or become a foster-owner, you can visit the K-9 Adoption Center at 1854 East Pike.

Matthew Morris
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