A Bracelet fit for a Hero; 4 Young Girls Donate to Hereos Landing


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A local group of girls are the newest and possibly the youngest superhero group to grace the city of Zanesville. 

“Well we knew we didn’t really need anything but we knew the children needed more things than we did…”

Madelyn Melsheimer

Madelyn Melsheimer, Lily Witucky, and sisters Grace and Gwynn Sidwell collectively decided to give back to Heroes Landing, a local charity, through raising money by selling handcrafted bracelets. The girl group sold their bracelets at different events like the Wine Rack and throughout their neighborhood, and raised nearly $2000.

“We also knew that people that didn’t have much money and also parents that have not like took care of their kids need more care and like food and supplies for their life,” the girls also said.

The girl’s parents are extremely proud of their work and they are excited to be helping make a difference. The idea stemmed from the Sidwell sisters’ grandmother, but once the girls had the idea, they took all the initiative… And the Director of Heroes landing – Evonne Saunders is not only grateful, but truly impressed by these young ladies’ efforts.   

“They came up with the idea completely on their own and I think its a great way to show whatever your talents are,” Director Evonne Saunders told us.

The money the girls raised will go towards buying supplies for children in need.. And Saunders added that it is incredibly impactful to see these girls accomplish this goal and understand charity at their young ages. 

“Giving back has a lifelong impact and I hope that they’ll remember this.. That at a young age they chose to get involved and understand different issues that were prevalent in their community,” Saunders added.

Heroes Landing is always accepting donations, and encourages people to just simply select Heroes Landing as their charity when using Amazon.

KaJeza Hawkins
KaJéza Hawkins is new to Zanesville, but an Ohio native, born and raised in the Gem City, Dayton, Ohio. KaJéza is very excited to be apart of the WHIZ-TV News Team. She has interned at several stations, including WHIO in Dayton, as well as WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a proud HBCU graduate, receiving her degree from Wilberforce University in 2021, where she majored in Mass Media Communication with a concentration in English. KaJéza is also a a part of the NABJ, and is happy to be spending time here in Zanesville. If you see her out, be sure to say hello!