More Than Just a Marathon

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Zanesville-For Katie Graham, her experience running her first marathon was more than just the marathon itself. WHIZ Correspondent Katie Mainini brings us this story.

Graham has loved running for as long as she can remember.

“My father and my uncle were big runners growing up and I had fond memories of watching them run races and us having breakfast and going out for a run. Then eventually him asking us if we wanted to run with him.  And then from there it was love at first sight,” said Graham.

After years of enjoying the sport, Graham decided to set a goal to complete her first marathon. A marathon is a physically enduring event that entails running 26.2 miles, a challenge that less than 1% of the population attempts.

“It had been something I had wanted to do my whole life and just had kind of listened to the voices inside my head that I couldn’t do it. And one day I woke up and thought, no, I’m going to do it and it was honestly the best decision I made.”

Graham chose to participate in the Columbus Nationwide Children’s marathon, which was held on October 16th . She ran as a Children’s champion, which means that she fundraised in order to participate in the event.

“I love giving back and it’s a huge part of who I am and what I want to be in the future. There was no better race to me to start with.”

Her goal for the marathon… finish.

“I didn’t want to put any pressure on me. I’m super competitive so I wanted to check my ego and just get through it. I was told to give every kid a high five and to really enjoy it.”

Not only did Katie run her first marathon but she also hit a milestone, running the race on her 700th day in a row of running.

“I have always run and it’s my therapy.” Graham’s goal is to run every day for two years straight. “Running to me is therapy and I am happier after I run. I cry when I run because I’m so happy. It just means a lot to me.”

Now with her first marathon under her belt, she is making plans to do another one in the near future. “It feels amazing. The sky’s the limit and I’m ready for more.”