Commissioners Discuss West 40 Sewer Project

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County Commissioners met to discuss a sewer project that would affect homeowners in the Hopewell area.

Muskingum County Sewer Department Manager Stan Lucas shared some of the details that were discussed during the meeting.

“So a developer was interested in building some apartments in the Mt. Sterling area,” Lucas said. “He approached us about sewering that area and there was a couple of options, so I ran the options by the commissioners today to get their decision on what they’d like to do.”

The apartments would be located uphill from an existing sewer line that is located 1.3 miles away and the issue was having the developer build their own infrastructure or force existing homeowners with working septic systems to tap into a government sewer line.

“So with the commissioners deciding that the developer would run his own forced main, it doesn’t force the home owners out there to get on sewer. Which I know a lot of people are not interested in or they can’t afford it. So sometimes it puts a burden on homeowners and the commissionaires chose not to do that,” Lucas said.

The cost of the sewer project was estimated at $1.3 Million, which divided by the 60 existing homeowners would amount to more than $21,666 per customer.

Matthew Morris
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