When is Fire Prevention Week?

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Muskingum County has experienced some devastating fires during the past year, from fatal home fires to the downtown, multi-story, Masonic Temple fire. October 9 through the 15 marks National Fire Prevention Week and Zanesville Firefighter/EMT Pete Ferguson discussed ways people can prevent fires and survive fires if they should be caught in one.

“One of the most common reasons for a fire is, you know, take an extension cord and plug it into a wall and then maybe plug another extension cord into that, and then maybe you’ve got multiple pieces of equipment or devices plugged in to those extension cords and they get overloaded and they get really hot. Not only do they get hot but your wall outlet gets hot,” Ferguson said.

Aside from extension cords, space heaters are another big cause of house fires. Ferguson suggested plugging them directly into a wall outlet and keeping them spaced at least 3 feet from the nearest object.

“Another thing that you want to make sure that you’re doing is checking your smoke detectors, testing those every month,” Ferguson said. “Make sure that you are replacing the batteries every 6 months. And if your smoke detector is 10-years-old, you need to replace it at that point.”

Ferguson noted that families should discuss and practice a plan of action for a house fire that includes 2 ways to exit every room and an outside rendezvous point for a headcount. 

For more information about fire prevention week you can visit nfpa.org.

Matthew Morris
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