ArtCOZ Artist and Musician of the Month

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The Artist Colony of Zanesville announced its artist and musician of the month. 

21-year-old musician, Wes Devil, is a Zanesville Native who specializes in heavy metal. Wes Devil says he has been into metal music since the womb and everyday is Halloween to him. 

Heavy metal is his favorite genre to perform and he has been singing on stage for five years.

“Something about energy. Ya know you can’t get that with rap music or country. Well you can, but it’s not the same as the feeling you get from metal. It just gives you that passion to wake up the next day and deal with life’s crap basically,” he said.  

This year, Wes Devil, released his first original track and wants to dominate the world with hard work and dedication. 

He mainly performs at Linden Avenue and performs October 13th at The Barn. You can reach him on Facebook and Instagram @WesDevil. 

The Artcoz artist of the month is seven-year-old, Shilo Wilson. Wilson shared some of her favorite artwork with us.

“That’s my mom and me. I’m holding a balloon with a turtle on it,” Wilson said.  

She also shares her favorite part of creating the masterpieces.

“Because I like all the colors and it’s really fun.” 

You can find Shilo Wilson at Kristen Brown’s Art Studio for this Friday’s art walk that takes place from 5 to 9 p.m.

Shilo Wilson, Artist of the Month